DaiVina, your little Spanish corner

Who doesn't love Spanish cuisine? Their hams and cured meats, paellas and seafood, many varieties of wine to suit all tastes, the cheese, the authentic extra virgin olive oil... it's just part of a wide gastronomy that this country offers. The gastronomy that everyone likes.

And let's not forget that Spain is also notable for its production of natural cosmetics. It is a country rich in minerals whose use has been transferred also to cosmetics.

But do you need to come here to try it? Not anymore! Daivina gives you the chance to enjoy all of this in your own home. Now you do not need to travel thousands of kilometres to be able to enjoy an authentic Spanish ham, or to eat a good cheese paired with a glass of wine.

Daivina is an online store specialized in providing gourmet products sourced 100% at Spain. You can have your own LITTLE SPANISH CORNER in your home. Here you will have the chance to delight in the delicacies that are typical of this country and, in addition, you can take care of your skin and face with cosmetics made from natural ingredients.

The extra virgin olive oil that you will find in Daivina is made from olives selected from the best harvests. You can choose among several formats, presentations and, of course, tastes. Ideal to combine with any type of food and always with the highest quality at the best price.

For cheese lovers Daivina offers an assortment of the best Spanish cheeses. Here you will find cheeses to suit all tastes: tender, soft, creamy, salted, mixed... why don't you try them all?

The ham is, by excellence, the food most typical of Spain. In addition to its taste and its peculiar manufacturing process, it is a product that delivers benefits for our body. Find in Daivina the best ham served directly from the manufacturer. You can also enjoy other typical Spanish delicacies very such as chorizo, salami, pates and olives. And what a better way to accompany these delicacies that a good wine. Daivina offers all this and much more.

May you have doubts or you cannot decide for the best product for you? Do not worry! Daivina offers you a professional team available to advise you at all times.

Enjoy Spain in your home! To have a LITTLE SPANISH CORNER at home is posible!