Did you know that the ham is considered the symbol of Spain? So important is this peculiar product that even there are developed different elaborations and denominations. There are numerous features to differentiate this product. Here we tell you some of them.

The first distinction we emphasize is between ham and shoulder. The ham is obtained from the hind legs of the pig, while the shoulder is obtained from the front legs. Despite the fact that in both cases the products follow the same elaboration process, the ham has always enjoyed greatest prestige for the volume and length of the piece. Some of specialists say that the both pieces have different tastes.

Another distinction of the hams and shoulders is based on the origin of the animal. Here you can see the serrano ham – comes from the white pig – and the iberian ham– a native breed of Spain. The preparation and the taste of these two types are totally different. Also note that, within the iberian ham we have more subgroups that depend on the feeding of the animal and the healing time of product.

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